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Many times in our lives, we encounter issues that can lead to anxiety, depressed emotions, fear, sadness, worry, and/or relational problems. Many people can benefit from the help of an experienced and trained counselor. Seeking out the assistance and guidance of a professional counselor can be the start on the road to regain wholeness in the journey in life. Issues and problems can arise from conflict with parents, children, family, and friends. Problems can arise from difficulties in school and/or work as well as our personal lives.

Just What is Counseling?

Counseling is professional relationship between a therapist and an individual, couple, family, or persons with a shared goal and issue who are seeking guidance and help in life. A skilled and competent counselor or therapist help promote personal growth and empowerment to meet ones needs. Counseling can help to improve communication and understanding, improve self-esteem and self-concept, modify feelings, thoughts, belief systems, and behaviors, and improve personal and professional relationships. Counseling can be an effective means to discover ways to identify life roadblocks and utilize resources and strengths to improve life.

Just What is A Counselor?

Counselors and therapists have accomplished education and training in the mental health and human services fields, such as counseling, marriage and family, social work, and psychology. Many people may refer to themselves as counselors. It is important when seeking a therapist or counselor that one seeks a professional licensed by the State and one who has achieved a clinical license which allows him/her to practice independently. Counselors are required to comply with a code of ethics that protects client confidentiality, prohibits discrimination, protects both the client and community, and guides the therapist to take steps to ensure the well-being of the clients they serve.  

Just How Long Will Counseling Take?

It is difficult to estimate the length of counseling for clients. The needs and issues of clients drive the duration of the counseling sessions. The therapist will complete an assessment and establish goals and direction, called a treatment plan, which will enable the therapist and client to have an idea of the duration of therapy. It is important to remember that therapy and counseling is a process and requires commitment, personal exploration, and often hard work to obtain desired goals. 

When it comes to counseling, one of the biggest challenges can be making the decision to go in the first place. Although people seek counseling for many reasons, in reality we are all faced at one time or another with some life circumstance, issue or question that may not be easy to figure out alone.

Counseling may be able to help you:

  • put clarity back in your life
  • focus on the things that are most important and
  • help you to come up with a workable plan for change, growth and progress.

The counseling process is not an easy one and there are no guarantees of success, however I am fully committed to walking with you during your journey, as you identify the changes you want to make in your life. I will help you develop the knowledge and tools you need to change patterns that are not currently working for you and that may be destructive or unhealthy.

Change often times involves letting go of things that are familiar in order to make room for new possibilities in life to begin. It is often not without risk, energy and effort; and there may in fact be some emotional pain involved in the process. You may be faced with emotions and feelings that are new to you or that are uncomfortable. This can be expected.

It is always important to remember that with the help of a caring, competent, and compassionate counselor, you never need to walk alone in life.

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