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I am a master's level therapist, receiving my Master Degree in Counseling at Xavier University, and I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) in the State of Kentucky and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in the state of New York.

As a Therapist, I believe in caring for all aspects of the person, including their psychological, social, and spiritual needs and issues.

I have worked with both adolescents and adults, individuals and couples. I specialize in adolescent and male issues, pertaining to all facets of life. I specialize in addiction and substance abuse issues, life adjustment issues, adolescent issues, male oriented issues, and self discovery and healing, including spiritual healing.

My clinical experience includes working with many issues related to addictions, such as Substance Abuse, Alcohol/Chemical Issues, Codependency, Pornography and Sex Addiction. It is my goal to help clients improve relationships with self, partners, family, children, coworkers, and God.

I have experience with conflict resolution, with both small and large groups and in both intimate personal and professional and work settings. I often assist individuals, teens, parents, partners, families, and groups with emotional issues such as life adjustments, stress, anxiety, depressing emotions, family and environmental issues, and life direction, guidance, and coaching.

Many of my clients are struggling with the same issues as you. In today’s world there are many challenges. Often times it is helpful to seek out a knowledgeable, trusted, objective professional to help offer support, comfort and confidential guidance to maneuver through the challenges that life throws in our path. It helps to know that there is someone to face trials with; someone who can listen objectively and provide honest feedback. You don't need to walk life's journey alone.

My approach to change and improved health, in addition to being holistic, is based on reality or choice theory, which is a cognitive-behavioral approach that can be effective in achieving many goals and changes we desire in life, focusing on developing solutions to life's struggles to better enable and empower gaining desired needs and wants in life.

I utilize an eclectic approach to therapy as well, using techniques from many therapeutic approaches. I have found that reality therapy meshes well with many different approaches, thoughts, and religious beliefs, including my American Indian culture and Christian faith.

My mission is to positively affect those I serve to gain a more effective level of functioning in order to successfully meet life’s challenges with confidence, gaining the practical tools needed to succeed in living a full, rich, healthy, balanced lifestyle. I believe in treating all aspects of the human being, taking a centering approaching, focusing on the mind and emotions, physical wellness, social and relational health, and spirituality.

I would be honored to work with you to explore how we can find the answers together and bring things back into focus for you. The key to effective and productive therapy and life coaching rests in the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist. Many of my clients choose the option of self pay to ensure complete confidentiality. Many of my clients also utilize their insurance benefit and I am on many insurance networks. Many of my clients also utilize their out of network benefits.

If you feel, after reading the brief summary of myself and my therapeutic focus, that I could be a good match to help you in obtaining your goals, please call me and we can further discuss therapy, life coaching, and financial details. My number is 859-982-9296.

Adjustments to my fee can be made after initial session

and/or during phone intake to meet financial needs. Attempts will be made when possible to provide services to those with financial needs.

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