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Looking For a Professional Counselor?

Are You Feeling Down?

Is Life A Struggle?

Tired Of Struggling Alone?

Looking For Help And Direction?

Desiring Life Coach Guidance?

No one journeys through life without

experiencing pain, disappointment, and confusion.

There are times in our lives when most of us must

address issues that lead to feelings of anxiety,

fear, sadness, grief, and hopelessness.

God is not dispassionate.

He feels our pain and hurts when we hurt.

There is no need to walk alone.

A Professional Counselor can stand in the gap when

issues and problems get in our way of life, causing

road blocks in life’s journey. Counseling can lend a

helping hand, while providing the hope we sometimes seek.

Rodney A. Valandra, MA, LPCC, LMHC, is a Licensed Professional

Clinical Counselor in the State of Kentucky and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of New York. He believes in caring for all aspects of the person, including physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs and issues.

Rodney provided professional and experienced counseling, mentoring, and coaching in a virtual format, allowing clients to meet in a confidential and secure format, working with the needs and time requirements of his clients.  

Rodney Alan Valandra, MA, LPCC-S, NCC

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, KY-104293

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, NY-009540

Limited Office Appointments in Latonia, KY

In Life's Journey,

No One Needs To Walk Alone

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